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Dalam Bahasa Inggris. Kalau pengen yang bahasa Indonesia, silakan terjemahin sendiri di google translate. hehehe… (Maaf, posting ini hasil Copy Paste. Maaf ya,,, tapi ini penting buat pengguna hp symbian 60)
In the next few posts i will post some tricks to make your phone faster and also recover precious RAM.

If you are running low on phone memory and have a lot of apps installed, you can recover a part of it by transferring help files to the memory card.
open Xplore or fxplorer and mov
e C/resource/help to E/resource/help.
All the apps will find it automatically in the E drive.
This trick will increase your phone memory thereby making your phone a little bit faster.

first use jbak taskman to kill lifeblogobserver process
make sure x-plorer is set to show hidden files
then go to c/data/lifeblog/database
now delete the lifeblog.dbfile
reboot phone
now use jbak taskman to kill lifeblogobserverprocess once again!
then go to c/data/lifeblog/database
select llifeblog.db file and press 6 tick hidden and read-only reboot phone. You'll notice the phone's boot up is faster and it will also release some RAM.
if you want to use lifeblog again go toc/data/lifeblog/database
select llifeblog.db file and press 6
and untick hidden and read-only

3. STOP AUTO STARTUP OF APPS ( for a faster boot up)
You can disable the third party applications to boot at start . These applications boot at startup and slow down the phone,s startup. In order to stop them to boot them use the following process.
The info of all the start up apps is stored in c:\private\100059c9\start.dat
whenever you allow any application to start automatically at startup the file start.dat is updated. The simplest method to disable the apps to load at boot up is to simply rename the start.dat file i renamed it to start.dat.txt. After renaming it your phone will boot as it boots after a fresh formating.
When ever you again want to enable the startup apps just remove the .txt extension.
You can also edit start.dat file to enable some applications to boot at start up and disabiling others but i don,t know how to edit .dat file. But you can edit it if you know how to edit it.
The easiest method of editing the .dat file is to delete the old start.dat file and then go to the applications which you want to boot at start up and rechange their setting ie (enable auto start=yes). A new .dat file will be created automatically which will only boot those apps which you want.
You can even further boost up your phone start up by renaming files like
C:\private\100012a5\DBS_101F99FE_NSml_Adapterlog.d b
C:\private\100012a5\DBS_101F99FE\NSml_adapterlog?? ?.dat
C:\private\100012a5\DBS_101F9A02_nsmldmfotaadapter .db
To .txt files or simply delete them.
Deleting all these files is the other name of restoring your phone to factory setting without losing any application data. Deleting these files also deletes sim data mean the network data of all the sims used in a phone. When you will rename all these files your all phone setting will be lost like clock time ,month date year. When you will again set different settings like adjust the ,adjust the date duplicate files of all the files you renamed or deleted will be created mean fresh data files .to again gainyour original setting as they were before applying the hack just delete all the duplicate files and rename all the above files as they were before renaming and restart your phone all your setting will be restored.
1. While accessing the default app manager( Uninstaller ). It normally takes a lot of time to scan though the uninstaller files if you have lots of apps already installed. It may even give you a 'memory full unable to remove' error as well. Same could be shown while installing.
Soln. A simple solution to this is browse though using a file explorer and go to
c:\system\install and e:\system\install\ later
You will find the uninstaller files in the above directories.
All you have to do is to create a subdirectory probably as below
c:\system\install\Bypass e:\system\install\Bypass\
Normally in the install folder there would a quite a few apps which you would not be uninstalling/reinstalling frequently(non-frequent updates). All you have to do is mark these files, (These files have an *.sis extention.) cut them and paste them in the Bypass folder we created inside the install folder. You can also delete duplicate unsinstaller files( files of same app but different version-Dont delete anything if youre not sure)
This will make sure that the app manager( Uninstaller ) does not scan through most of the files as they are in the bypass folderand saves time and memory while uninstalling.
You may open the app manager( Uninstaller ) and check how fast it opens scans and uninstalls.
Now in future if you have to remove any application which is in the bypass folder, then cut it from the bypass folder and get itunder install and open the app manager( Uninstaller ) and remove. It takes an effort here but it will save time more often.
2. Boot faster and save memory
Soln. Another one, but be more careful. There is a folder called
c:\system\recogs\ and e:\system\recogs\
These folders contain *.mdl files which normally start on reboot by which reboot is delayed and they consume some RAM memory as well. Now there are certain license manager files and other app files, you need to start while starting the phone, leave them asit is. But you will find other files like quicksheet.mdl etc which is not needed to start on reboot. Such files can be marked and placed into a subdirectory \Bypass under recogs and restart the phone, which will save time and memory as well.
Do it for both c:\ and e:\ carefully.
Later on as required you may bring files from \Bypass to recogs.
Tips- If you get App closed **** error on startup/reboot. This is just the trick for you.
Dont delete anything if youre not sure.
Caution: If you're not sure of something-Dont do it, unless you are experimenting at your own risk.


Guys i don't know if this works, whether it is true or just a placebo. Find out yourself by trying it.

1.) Change your phone's date to the 01.05.2005

2.) Go to the calendar

3.) Now we need to create two new* to-do's (Options > New entry > To-do)

4.) These two to-do's need to have the following information:

- 1. To-do:

*.Due date:04.08.2005
*.Priority: High

- 2. To-do:

*.Subject: Qoukie
*.Due date:04.08.2005
*.Priority: Low

5.) Confirm the both to-do notes with 'Done', but don't close the calendar application.

6.) Choose: Options > To-do view

7.) Mark 'Speed' as done, after that mark 'Qoukie' as done.

8.) Now you can close the calendar.

9.) Change the phone's date back to the actual day.

Done !
People have claimed that it makes their device faster, so just try it.

Many nokia phones have this feature, turning it off saves RAM and the phone response improves.

Changing your call log duration to 1 day is also said to improve phone response time.

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